Thursday, September 23, 2010

random will-musings

Will loves stickers and I was tired of just handing them out so I told him he needed to work for him.  I asked him to name a few letters, but of course, he just wanted to talk about the W’s.  SO I asked him to put all the reds together, then the blues and greens.  He did it so quickly and right the first time….he earned a few stickers for that.  And he was so proud of his work!IMG_7158

Will always surprises me.  He never eats sweets at home, but we went out for the *T* Family September/Oct birthdays and Will snatched up a piece of cookie cake and ate it before we could blink.  Maybe it was the pink icing….. IMG_7183

Guess the icing hit Will on the way home….he had some fun with his swim goggles in the car. IMG_7186

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