Thursday, September 30, 2010

lions, tigers, bears, oh my!

Will’s school was closed Wednesday for in-service so we decided to make it a family day and head to the Knoxville Zoo. 

We saw elephants,2010-09-29 k'ville zoo (4)

we saw tortoises and  turtles (real ones, not just bronze ones),2010-09-29 k'ville zoo (3)

we saw giraffes (waaaaay back there), 2010-09-29 k'ville zoo (7)

we saw lions (way on the side)….

2010-09-29 k'ville zoo (19)

But Will’s favorite animal…… this giant cow.  Complete with milkable-utters (water came out, not milk).  He played with this cow forever! And we’ve asked him a dozen times since the zoo what his favorite animal was and he says this cow every time.  Glad we went all that way to play with a cow.2010-09 Sept7

Wyatt came along too, though we had our doubts if the trip was a good idea.  He spit up all over me the second we walked in and then did it again later on.  Our theory on going to the zoo was that at least it was outdoors so the spit up wouldn’t matter and that it was a zoo so his crying wouldn’t bother anyone.  Thankfully, we were right….neither bothered anyone.  And fortunately he slept most of the way up there and back!  This was during the few minutes where he was awake and not spitting or crying,….. 2010-09-29 k'ville zoo (9)

2010-09-29 k'ville zoo (46)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

W’s wearing the same outfit

This picture is from a few weeks ago.  Wyatt can no longer wear this now.  But this was him at 2 months.

2010-08-28 (19)

And Will wearing the same shirt at 4 months.

2008-07-31 (7)

Monday, September 27, 2010

this isn’t fun anymore….

After a weekend of “violent” reflux we went back to the doctor today.  Saturday we saw gallons* of formula come back up (*it probably wasn’t gallons but it went on and on and on and it was massive amounts each time.  Everything and everyone was soaked.)  It was painful to watch and I’m sure poor Wyatt felt awful.  The worst part was he was sitting there grinning and having fun when it happened.  Just when we think he’s finally getting better this happens and takes the wind out of our sails.  

Today we saw the nurse practitioner, who was fabulous.  She said we haven’t been on the new formula long enough to see results yet but gave us 2 new Rx’s for reflux and hopefully Wyatt will at least be out of pain until his stomach calms down.  I’m glad we know what we’re doing this time.  Poor Will went almost 6 months before he started feeling better, I’m thankful we’ve caught Wyatt’s early and have a head start on getting him better (though I still can’t believe we have 2 kids with the same problem).   She also encouraged us to pursue trying to get the formula covered by insurance.  Chris started that process today so we just have to wait to see if they will approve this or not.  From what we’ve read it doesn’t happen often but we’re praying we’re one of the few.

Not from today…..

today he was not smiley at all, only tears….poor guy2010-09-21 (130)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wy’s womb (room)

We’re making the move, hopefully tonight!  We’re going to try out Wyatt’s new room and see if he likes it this evening.  He has been sleeping thru most of the night for several weeks now.  If we do things just right he’ll sleep till 6 or 7.  The earliest he gets up is 4:00 and that’s only been 2-3 times in the last few weeks.  The key is to wake him up around 11-12 and feed him again and then he should sleep all night.  Will already wakes up  between 6-7 so it should all work out.  As it is, Will already hears Wyatt when he cries in the middle of the night so it shouldn’t be a big adjustment to have a new neighbor.  The only ones adjusting are Chris and me.  We’ll be the ones trekking up the stairs in the middle of the night.  Plus, I’m hoping he might sleep better upstairs.  Gus is a loud sleeper (snoring, running, barking).  Though Wyatt is a LOUD sleeper too (snores like an old man).  So I think everyone will sleep alot better.  And Will started sleeping upstairs around this age so I think it will be a good move.  If not, he can always come back downstairs. 

Here’s a picture or two of Wyatt’s new-to-him room.  It basically stayed the same.  A new name on the wall, of course.  And we moved the pictures around.  Oh, and the new sailboat mobile.  Wyatt already loves staring at that!

2010-06-06 (58)2010-06-06 (1)


Speaking of sleeping….Wyatt has just started sleeping in footie pajamas.  We had been swaddling with THIS brilliant blanket but he is starting to outgrow the blanket and I’ve heard it’s hard to wean them out of the blanket later on.  We’ve tried it a few nights without and he did okay.  We’re not retiring it yet, it will come in handy for those days/nights when he’s just not happy.  Swaddling does seem to calm him down pretty quick.  Anyway, here’s Wyatt in his first pair of PJ’s.

2010-09-23 (12)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

random will-musings

Will loves stickers and I was tired of just handing them out so I told him he needed to work for him.  I asked him to name a few letters, but of course, he just wanted to talk about the W’s.  SO I asked him to put all the reds together, then the blues and greens.  He did it so quickly and right the first time….he earned a few stickers for that.  And he was so proud of his work!IMG_7158

Will always surprises me.  He never eats sweets at home, but we went out for the *T* Family September/Oct birthdays and Will snatched up a piece of cookie cake and ate it before we could blink.  Maybe it was the pink icing….. IMG_7183

Guess the icing hit Will on the way home….he had some fun with his swim goggles in the car. IMG_7186

Liquid Gold, AGAIN???!!!

It looks as though Mr. Wyatt wants to be like his brother and drink the expensive $tuff. We're switching him to it today due to recent developments, per his GI doctor. We're hoping this will do the trick and keep our little guy as comfortable as possible.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

will yesterday be better than today….


Because I know you are dying to know how yesterday went…..Chris & I did not get peed, pooped or puked on! Good news!! However, Will did pee on our bed, though it was not his fault --- faulty diaper application. Oh well.

So far today is not looking good. Puked on already and some questionable items in Wyatt’s diaper. Off to call the dr on both counts.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

all in a day

2010-09 Sept6

I’ve been peed on, pooped on and puked on today, all by one child.  The 3 P’s.  Normally most days include 2 out of the 3, but not all 3!  (Well, Chris was the one that really got most of the puke).  Not to mention that Will slapped me in the face tonight, on purpose since I denied him something he wasn’t suppose to have.  We’re working thru a few things with him these days.

Just a normal day around here.  Good thing they’re such cuties.

2010-09 Sept5

Monday, September 20, 2010

got static?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

GI – check

It was decided that it was time for Wyatt to meet the GI doctor.  He just wasn’t acting like he felt any better and there were some questionable diaper issues.  I’ll spare you the details but it’s a good thing I’m no longer queasy.  We saw the dr on Friday and he agreed with us that Wyatt had some issues with the formula.  Turns out he has the exact same problem Will had!  MSPI – an intolerance to the proteins in regular formula.  We had thankfully already switched to a new formula (not the same one Will was on) and so far it seemed to be working.  It looks like Wyatt’s MSPI is not as severe but the same issues still apply.  The odds of having two MSPI kids, who are not genetically related, are pretty low I’d guess.  The GI dr did say to assume that if we have another (bio) child to assume that they would also have this, great!

Anyway, he told us most of what we already knew.  Gave us some prescriptions for his reflux and we go back in 2 months.  (His reflux doesn’t seem as bad as Will’s so we’re not over thickening his bottles, but we are putting rice in them.) We saw a new dr this time and his plan is to stay on the formula (and away from soy and dairy) until 18 months.  Not sure we’ll make it to 18 months, that seems forever.  Will only stayed restricted for 14 months.  We’ll see what happens.  At least we know what we’re doing this time.

2010-09-18 (12)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

a few (more) minutes with wyatt...

sunday, sunday

2010-08-29 (1)

We took Wyatt to church a few weeks ago for the first time (granted, we haven’t made it back since).  He did really good.  Sat thru all of the singing and then started getting squirmy.  He took a bottle but since his bodily functions are soooo LOUD I decided to leave while he was not crying or making embarrassing noises.  I just prayed he didn’t make any while we were exiting because no one would of believed they came from him!

We attempted to go back to church last week but even with all the preparing we did the night before it just didn’t happen.  We had everything lined up but the morning came and went and before we realized it was well after 10 and no way we could get there on time.  Here’s looking to next week…..perhaps we need to skip breakfast (Will is the worlds slowest eater).

Friday, September 17, 2010

trying out our double-wide

We finally tried out our double stroller for the first time.  Now that it’s getting cold in the 80’s at night we’re able to spend time outside in the evenings.  On non-bath nights we try to take a walk.  Usually Will is okay walking along side Wyatt’s stroller or holding Gus’s leash but the other night he insisted on riding in the stroller.  Wyatt doesn’t look very comfortable but I think he enjoyed it (he normally rides in the carseat/stroller combo, this one doesn’t have that).  Will loved riding and loved that Wyatt was beside him.  He normally doesn’t like his stroller so this was a big surprise.  We’ll see if he keeps this up.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

teeth – check, kind of

Will had his first dentist appt Wednesday.  It was uneventful.  But only because he refused to cooperate.  He was happy in the waiting room telling everyone where he was going (“at the dentist”).  And gladly walked back with Miss Ginny.  He was quiet for 3-4 minutes and then I started hearing “No. I not do that” over and over and over.  Then crying.  They came to get me.  Even with me there he refused to have his teeth clean.  Now you are probably wondering why I took him so soon….he has had spots on his front teeth since they came in.  His doctor and I have watched them.  They have faded but are still there, on all 4 teeth.  I was worried about decay and his doctor said it was time to have a dentist check them out.  Thankfully they did not think it was a sign of decay, just some stains that could probably come off if he’d let them clean them.  Since they are harmless I didn’t want to force the issue.  I was just glad that he let them look in there long enough to see they were okay.  I had been envisioning him having caps on all his bottom teeth, thankful that’s not the case!  Today we earned one very expensive toothbrush and sticker!

Obviously not a picture from today – today there were no pictures given all the drama.

2010-09-05 Labor Day (95)

ears – check

Will had a follow up appointment with the ENT.  He said his ears looked great though the left tube was no longer in.  He said if we end up with 3 or more infections in 6 months we’ll need new tubes.  We go back in 6 months for another check.  Praying he doesn’t need another set of tubes!

He did great at the appt.  He sat in the chair and played around.  And he had Chris’s i.pod and was watching the wi.ggles, perfect distraction at a drs appointment.  Only problem is that he insists on showing EVERYONE what he’s watching.

2010-08-24 (3)

Since our appointment went so quickly we had time to stop off at the park.  It was empty since school had started back but it was soooo hot.  Will had a great time on our little date.

2010-08-24 (9)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

tractor time

I’m trying to catch up…..

Poppy called one day and said he would be using the “tractor” that day at work and that the neighbors were also using theirs so I picked Will up early from school and we headed to see Poppy.  He was soooo excited when we got there.  They quickly went out back to watch the digger next door scoop dirt and put it in the dump truck.  Will loved waving goodbye to them when they would drive off.  But was so confused when another truck pulled up and they started over.  Then he went up front and watched Poppy scoop sand.  And Will got in on the action by helping him smooth out the sand.  The first thing he said when Poppy started working was “where’s my scoop?”, we found him a shovel and he went to work.  Of course Wyatt came along and supervised.  It was a fun and hot afternoon.

2010-08 August1

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Will says….

In a matter of minutes Will said all of the following:

W – Where’s my dancing hat?

Me – Your dancing hat?  Do you mean your fireman hat?

W- Yes.  Oh, there it is.  Oh, where’s my guitar? finds guitar Look I’m a rock star.

Me – A rock star?

W – Yes, a rock star. he strums a few chords and dances Oh, where’s my drums?

He then drops all of that and runs to the end table

W – Here are those clippers.  Momma I’m going to snap your toes.  Snap, snap, snap  as he touches the nail clippers to my toes.  Oh, where’s Daddy.  I need to snap his toes too.

Will’s most favorite word is “Oh”.  He definitely over uses it and it precedes almost every word, phrase or sentence he uses.

I LOVE this age.

2010-08-27 (33)

we’re still here!

Between weekly drs appts (or so it seems), funeral home visits and life blogging has just not happened.  Sadly, this means I’m probably going to forget any little things that Wyatt has started and funnies of Will’s.  Hopefully soon we can get back on track.

What’s on my mind at the moment is Halloween!  This week I decided I want to attempt making Will’s costume.  We’ll see if that actually happens.  But I have over a month to come up with something and if not, I do have a backup plan. 

These are not my back up plans and not what I’m going to attempt to make but they are hysterical and I wish I had an extra $30 to spend on a costume like these….

38373 3245431563

(Slow 'news' day, so I figured I'd paste this little factoid below...)

The handy little g00gle tool shows that our blog has received visits from 72 cities (19 countries) in the past month and a half. I always find it interesting that someone living as far away as Jakarta or Hamburg has visited the blog. True, they may have stumbled upon us by accident, but still...

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Wyatt {2 months old}

2010-09-08 (20)crop

Wyatt had his two month check-up Wednesday (and 3 shots, yuck!)

13lb 2oz, 24 inches…..90% for height,weight, head circum.

Wyatt is still wearing size 1 diapers.  And still wearing 3 months clothes but they are definitely snug.  I have started using some 6 months clothes already.

He’s starting to smile now and make little noises.  He loves his bouncy seat, but not the play mat or swing.  He could stay in the bouncy seat all day and be perfectly happy.  If he gets fussy you can put him in there wrapped in a blanket and bounce the seat and he’ll be quiet in no time.  Best $30 we’ve ever spent.

He still insists on having diaper changed OFTEN.  If he’s awake he’d prefer it to be changed every 60-90 minutes.  But he doesn’t often stay awake that long.  He still sleeps ALL THE TIME, maybe staying awake 30 minutes every 3-4 hours…not complaining, but it is new to us since Will NEVER slept.

Drinks 4oz every 3 hours.  Though there are alot of days where he wants 6oz OR wants to eat every 90 minutes.  Sleeps 6 hours many nights (though not thru the night since he gets a head start some nights and goes down at 8:00)

I’ve lost track of how many formulas we’ve tried now but we are only 2 away from Will’s old formula.  Praying we’re not going down that road again (the doctor and I got a kick out of the odds of us having two kids with the same problem…who are not genetically related).  We’re also seeing some signs of reflux.  We’re going to thank Daddy for that one….that might be a family thing.

This month he had his first trip to the lake and first overnight trip.

Wedding dress shopping with my cousin Nicole, he slept the entire ride up there, thru all the dress trying on and all the way home.  (hadn’t blogged that Nicole got engaged yet….congrats Nicole & Thomas, we are all very excited/happy for you two!)

2 weeks and one month pictures….

2010-07-21 2 weeks old (2) 2010-08-07 one month old

2 month update is coming…..

2010-09-08 (10)

welcome to the nature channel...

had tons of hummingbirds at the feeder last week. julie took some pictures, and i tried to film them. here's a little of both...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

so many firsts, so little time….

Wyatt’s first trip to the lake (and first overnight trip)…didn’t get one single picture of it because he slept the entire time.  (this pic is from a few weeks ago)2010-08-26 (9)

Will slept in a big boy bed -  But yelled for me every 2-3 hours.  It was a long night but glad he liked it.

Will’s first splinter – he did not enjoy getting that taken out.2010-09 Sept1

Will had his first friend up at the lake (friend, cousin, it’s all the same) - I’m sure this is just the first of many friends at the lake. 2010-09 Sept3

Will’s first fishing pole – except it was a toy/plasticy one.  He’ll get  a real kiddie one next year.  It’s a wonder no one lost an eye between he & Graham swinging their poles around. 2010-09 Sept

Will’s first fish, kind of – Poppy caught it, but let Will “crank” it in.  Will calls it “crank” rather than reel.  Will thought it was great that he caught a fish, he was all smiles.DSC02039

2010-09 Sept2

Will’s first time to fall off the dock – no one or no dog pushed/bumped him.  (he had his life vest on) He was just standing there and then he wasn’t.  He went in feet first and the water was shallow enough that he could stand up. (his hat didn’t even get wet) He screamed horribly and we all went running.  But Jamey (my cousin) got to him first and got him out.  Will cried and cried.  And he alternated saying “I fell in”, “I stand up” over and over.  About 15 minutes later he changed the story to “I jumped in”.  Oddly enough, Graham fell in about 30 minutes earlier, in the same exact spot.  No one pushed him in either, unfortunately he got his whole head wet.  But both recovered pretty quickly and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

2010-09 Sept4

Monday, September 06, 2010

a great two days at the lake

we'll post more pics from Labor Day weekend soon!
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Friday, September 03, 2010

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

20 days later

3 weeks after my Nana passed Papaw went to join her. They’re together again in heaven now. And thankfully neither are in pain anymore. He passed away Monday after 6 months of health problems.

Papaw was a character. When we were younger he loved to yell “Yabba Dabba Do”when ever it seemed appropriate (or not). He loved to golf and bowl and did both until the day he could no longer get out of bed. He was proud of his Senior Olympic bowling medals. He also loved the water, especially fishing. He took each of us grandkids out fishing in his little boat. I remember I caught 3 fish the first time. He never looked his age, much less acted it. I remember him water skiing and jet skiing well into his 70’s. He loved getting a good deal, loved to laugh and loved cars. And he was forever giving me a hard time about how I could work from home. He didn’t understand how I wasn’t cheating the company in some way. I tried to explain to him how it worked AND that it was their idea….he never warmed up to the idea. Of course, he never understood how people could work in an office either. He believed that the only true work was physical work. He was a wonderful man who taught me how to have a positive outlook on life and I will miss him.

500803081_2008-12-25 (158)


Sadly this means I do not have any grandparents left living. I’ve lost 3 grandparents in the last 10 months. I know I was lucky to have had them this long, I know many people my age who have not had theirs nearly as long as I did. But it’s still hard to know that part of you is now missing.

It’s been a rough August around here and we are praying September will be quiet and uneventful.