Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my sweet nana

My sweet Nana passed away yesterday. I know she’s in heaven now seeing all her loved ones but she will be dearly missed by those of us she left behind.

Only 5 weeks ago she was at the hospital holding Wyatt shortly after he was born. She only left the house for the important events….like her weekly hair appt and new babies.

What an amazing, Godly woman she was! She never forgot a birthday, and never forgot to call and check up on you. In college she mailed me stamps, so I would write her. Later on she mailed me (and all of us) Our Daily Bread. And after Will came along she started mailing me diaper coupons. She LOVED reading the paper every day in hopes of reading about someone she knew. She read every single line including the real estate transfers, the marriage licenses and divorce requests. (We are in a small town, but it’s not that small!) She kept up with everything that was going on. If one of us randomly happened to be mentioned in the paper it made her week, even if it was just a random picture submitted for the “pet of the day” contest and it was buried in the classifieds, she would find it and tell everyone she saw that we were in there.

She loved butterscotch candies and I always remember sitting by her in church when I was little and asking for a piece. At some point she switched to Werther’s Originals, which are not the same to me, and boy was I shocked that Sunday when I popped it in my mouth. I gave up butterscotch that day. Later on we both shared a love for Dove’s Promises. We would complain to each other when they started repeating the “promises” and swear them off until they made new promises in the bags.

My Nana was always dressed to the nine’s and it usually involved gold or silver. I remember when everyone wore Keds, she had two pairs, one in gold and one in silver. Every outfit had a specific purse and pair of shoes that went with it….I can't imagine the planning that was involved in her getting dressed and heading out. When I visited her in the hospital a few weeks ago I was about to leave when she stopped me and told me to look in the cabinet….she wanted me to know all about her special “going to the hospital” gown. She said it was for going to the hospital when you weren’t sick. And she made a point to have my Aunt to pack it for this last hospital visit. We all had a good laugh at her bringing that along.

I am thrilled that she got to meet Wyatt (and her other great-grandchildren) but am also saddened about the ones that haven’t been brought into our family yet and will miss out on meeting a wonderful lady. Though she is getting to meet a few great-grandchildren in heaven that we didn’t get a chance to know here on earth. And that makes my heart very full and happy.

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Heidi said...

I am really sorry your grandmother passed away. It is so hard when the ones that were so dear to us leave this earth. I hope her memories will always warm your heart when sadness fills it. Heidi

Paul and Heather said...

Julie, I am so sorry about your Nana. I hope her memory stays in your heart as she watches over you and your beautiful boys!