Monday, July 26, 2010

we survived!

The 3 of us survived on our own today….well, not on our own.  We had a lunch time visit with Daddy (I had a haircut scheduled, and no way I was cancelling that….Chris provided some entertainment while I got my hair “did”).  And Poppy dropped by and spent a few quality hours with Will (Thank you Daddy!!!!!).  I think Will enjoyed the special attention.  He had Poppy reading books, doing puzzles, coloring and playing trains.  He went had him doing all his favorites.  I caught a quick nap during the visit and managed to make it thru the day and make dinner.  I had so much confidence after today that I was a bit disappointed that the a/c is now fixed at daycare.  

Will & Wyatt enjoying the playmat.  This is the first time Will has voluntarily gotten this close to Wyatt on purpose.  (Which would explain the lack of brotherly pictures…..)


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