Sunday, July 25, 2010

random update


Lots of random things…..

We attempted to weigh Wyatt today.  We think he now weighs 9.5lbs!  Also, this last Thursday was my true due date….I’m guessing he would weighed at least 9lbs had we waited.  So glad we didn’t.

Wyatt still eats and sleeps all day long.  He’s almost up to 3.5 oz now, if he’s in the mood.  When he’s not eating, he’s fast asleep.  So far, that’s all he does, such a shock compared to Will be always awake.

Wyatt’s umbilical cord fell off on Wednesday, but it’s not quite healed and ready for a real bath yet so we’re still doing sponge baths. Hopefully we can give him a real bath soon.  Here he is with his freshly washed hair.  (when it’s clean it’s not black, perhaps he’s going to have brown hair)

 2010-07-22 (2)

Will is still adjusting to the newest member of the family.  He likes Wyatt just fine, it’s us he’s not to happy with.  This too shall pass, right?????  I hope so, and soon.  

2010-07-23 (43)

What else are weekends for….naps for everyone (look closely and you will find both Willie & Gus taking a nap too).  Everyone was asleep but me on Saturday.  I later regretted that choice, when  Wyatt was up every 2 hours that night.


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Heidi said...

I love the picture in the bedroom, the dog sleeping is great.