Saturday, July 03, 2010

an “only” today but soon-to-be the oldest

So thankful that this is a long weekend so that we can spend extra quality time with Will (though that’s not really unusual for the weekend….).  It’s his last weekend with 100% attention and it’s all very bittersweet for me.  We’ve known from day 1 that Will would be a big brother one day, I just didn’t imagine it would happen so soon.  He seems too little to be a brother just yet.  And he’s doing so many new and funny things these days I’m afraid that I’m going to be so distracted that I’ll miss something in the next few weeks.  And I’m also worried about how he’s going to react to the big change that’s coming next week.  I know his world is about to change, I just wish he understood a bit better or that we could prepare him a little more.  I pray he doesn’t feel any less loved or special because there’s a new little someone to share the spotlight with.  ……Sigh…..

The parenting challenges are going to get very interesting.

legs and belly

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