Thursday, June 10, 2010

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These pictures are  becoming a sore spot…..Chris insists I use a real smile, but how can I use a real smile if he’s ignoring me and just holds down the button like he’s the paparazzi. (I’m sure he would say that this is not a real smile, but it was the best of the bunch).  I might go back to self-portraits.

2010-06-06 33 weeks (2)

33 weeks (last week)


I’ve seen both doctors this week.  And I’m going to try and hit the highlights of both appts into this one update.  Nothing new and exciting with my regular doctor this week other than I noticed she’s now out on July 8 so it looks like that date is out (and I didn’t have the heart to discuss it with her yet). BUT it really doesn’t matter because ROC is the one who will decide my delivery date anyway.  She did say starting at 36 weeks I need to be prepared when I go into each of my ROC appts to be delivered….she said if they see the littlest thing that is concerning they will induce me that day.  She even went on to say that I need to go to them on Mon or Thurs so that it works better for her delivery schedule.  (In case I haven’t mentioned it ROC does not deliver babies, they just monitor the pregnancy.  But they tell my OB when to deliver).  So we’ll stay on our Thurs schedule with them.  I knew I needed to be ready, just wasn’t prepared to have a bag packed each week (not that I’ll do that….but it needs to be mostly together I guess).  So we have 2 weeks before anything can happen.  That’s not alot of time!  I go back to her on Monday for my non-stress test. 

Today was our appt at ROC.  They measured/weighed the baby again….drumroll please….he weighs 6lb 7oz.  (They are usually around 5oz +/- so no matter how you look at it….he’s huge).  He gained 2lbs in a month.  Not sure when they’ll measure him again….. and unfortunately no good u/s pics today.  He was not cooperative at all.  But he did let them do the heart check and everything still looks perfect!   Anyway, I was afraid we were going to leave today’s appt without  much direction but we had a new doctor today and she was wonderful!  What an answered prayer, she answered alot of questions.  She is a big fan of my OB so that always makes the conversation easier (not that the others aren’t, but you could tell she really liked her).  Today’s dr, Dr. S., said that we would start seeing them weekly now also.  She even said, without knowing what my OB said, that she wanted us there on Thurs and going to the OB on Monday, so that worked out good.  She said we would do the amnio at 36 weeks (2 weeks from today) to check for lung maturity and we could go from there.  I asked her if she thought we could deliver at 38 weeks and I explained that my dr was going to be out for 2 weeks after that.  She completely understood why I wanted to deliver before my dr leaves.  And said we should definitely be okay to deliver at 38 weeks given the size of the baby and the risk of preeclampsia, etc.  She even said that I could probably deliver the week before if everything looked good.  Of course, we’ll know more after the amnio in 2 weeks.  But our guess is that I might be induced on July 6 at the latest (assuming I read the OB’s vacation calendar correctly).  And if I go the week prior, then I’m guessing July 1.  We’re thinking we have 2 weeks, maybe 3.  And let me tell you, 3 weeks sounds WAY sooner than a month away does.  I am so not ready! 

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