Sunday, November 01, 2009

wedding march....

Picture 421

*My sweet friend, Laura, met us today to take some pictures of Will in his fancy suit (aka, Halloween costume).


My cousin Renee got married this weekend.  She & Joseph had a perfectly sweet day!  The ceremony was beautiful and I don't think there was a dry eye in the church sweet.  I have been to alot of weddings, but yesterday's has to be one of my favorites. Though I'm probably a bit biased....  I can still remember the day Renee came home from the hospital .... there's something special about witnessing life events of those you've known since their very first days.


Mister Wilson had the privilege to being the ring bearer yesterday.  Thankfully, all that meant was hitching a ride in a wagon with the flower girl, heading down the aisle and back out the side door.  He & Julia did a great job of quietly riding and winning over the guests with their cute faces.


Will did an even better job at the reception.  He's never done well staying up past 7:00.  But he really surprised us all by staying up really really late.  He lasted until Renee & Joseph left the reception around 9:30!  Will was charming and totally out of character the whole night (maybe it was his way of celebrating Halloween).  I guess he wasn't out of character, but he definitely came out of his shell around others.  He even busted out some dancin' moves we had no clue about. He was a dancin' machine!  He'd dance with anyone that would hold him.  He even stood on the chairs and danced for awhile.  It was so funny to see his silly side coming out.


Sadly, I only have a handful of pictures from the wedding.  And totally out of character for me, I only took 5-6 of Will (all of him dancing).  Thankfully, my friend Laura was up for a quick photo shoot of Will today.  I wanted to capture this cuteness before he outgrew his suit.


And since I have no pictures, I'm shamelessly stealing wedding pics from the photographer (who was absolutely amazing)......


RJ_09 RJ_10

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