Tuesday, October 20, 2009

gulp, gulp

Will PASSED his swallow test today!!! Thank you to everyone who was praying today, God answered them! Neither of us had faith that he would pass just yet, just had a feeling we were in for the long haul. And Will would not cooperate during the test and flat out refused all the drinks and food we needed to sample for the x-ray. I ended up having to give him a syringe of straight barium while they held his arms down. It wasn't pretty but it was enough for the radiologist to see that his flap was working properly. They said we could wean off the thick-it for the next few weeks and get down to normal fluids (I had to ask her several times to make sure I heard correctly).

I know compared to alot of kids, this isn't a life threatening medical issue. But it has been a big deal for us. I'm so excited that Will can finally drink anything he wants now (and try soup too). And no more measuring every single liquid that he consumes. I am beyond excited about filling up his cup and just handling it to him. Or better yet, being out and able to grab a drink from where ever and let him drink it. (Especially since I have been forgetting his diaper bag lately and causing him to go without something to drink for a few hours).

What a great Tuesday!


epin said...

Great news! I am so happy for you & Will.

Paul and Heather said...

That is wonderful news Julie! I am thrilled for you guys and for Will!