Saturday, October 24, 2009

forward facing

2009-10-14 beach (1)

Given Will's small size, he barely meets weight requirement to turn his seat around.  (Technically he can remain rear-facing for another 10 pounds.)  But we switched Will's carseat around for the trip to the beach, mainly so we could reach and entertain him more easily.  When we went to turn the seat around we discovered the straps were permanently twisted, as in they came out of the box that way, there was no way to untwist them without tearing the seat up.  Since it was impossible to install the seat forward-facing we googled our problem and read that others who had this problem received a replacement seat it from the company.  We called up Britax and since it was manufactured this way they shipped us a brand new seat to replace the old one (yes, we had to send the old one back).  Love great Customer Service!   Thankfully we had another seat to use for the trip.


one of Will's firsts on the trip was looking out the window.  He loved facing the front and excitedly pointed and talked to the "Go's" that went by.  "Go" is Will's word for cars/trucks.  After the trip we turned him back around, I thought he would be upset but he doesn't seem to mind at all, and he naps much better facing the back.

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