Monday, September 07, 2009

Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day!

2009-09 Sept

I apologize if you cannot see the pictures. I used Flickr to make the slideshow this time since I'm running out of room on Picasa.  **I added a collage since I know so many people look at this from work.

We spent 2 nights at the lake this weekend. A first for us. Another good practice run for our beach trip next month. We even used our roof rack, just to try it out. All went well, still learning to pack for 3.

The weather was okay Saturday but we didn't get there early enough to enjoy it (I was determined to go to the consignment sales first). It was pretty yucky Sunday. So we watched alot of tennis and played games. It eventually stopped raining and Will was able to play in his pool - minus the water, it was too cool. Monday was beautiful and we enjoyed the whole day outside. Will took several boat rides (boat now refers to an actual boat or a jetski). The real boat puts him to sleep within 15 minutes, even if he's sitting up. And then did it again on the jetski....buried his head in the life jacket and took a good nap. (don't worry, we stopped and let him lay down for a real nap) We also discovered this weekend that mosquito's LOVE Will. They love me and my dad too, while they avoid everyone else. Poor Will has a huge bite on his back and ankle, along with several on his face and arms.

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