Wednesday, September 30, 2009

baby carrier

My adoption friends are asking about the new carrier.... it's the new Ergo Sport. I sold my old Ergo carrier on Ebay and made enough to buy the new one.

We are to the point where Will does not want to be in the stroller unless we're taking a true walk and not slowing down. So we've been carrying him alot more than we use to. We tried carrying him in the carrier this summer but he got so hot in there it wasn't worth it (we would have to take his shirt off before he could ride in it).

Last week I stumbled across a sale and took a peak....who knew there was a new Ergo that was cooler! The fabric is lighter weight and has a vent in the back. Granted Sunday was only in the 80's but he didn't get hot at all. The new one also has longer straps. They seemed to help with the side carry. I have yet to do the back carry b/c I don't think Will would enjoy it very much (he doesn't like riding in the front anymore). But he loves being on the side. The only problem with him being on the side is that he kicks me in the legs while we walk but even after 2 hours it wasn't too bad. And after 2 hours I felt way better than I do when I have to actually carry him.

I found a 15% coupon and free shipping HERE, if you want to check it out.

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