Friday, August 28, 2009

what toys?

I went to a really neat toy store downtown the other day. The store was full of wooden toys, my favorite, and they had tons of food/kitchen sets. I can't wait till Will's ready for those! I spent awhile in there searching for things Will might like. I quickly remembered that he does not really enjoy toys and it was a lost cause. (Not complaining, I dreamed of having a child that loves books) In the end I ended up buying some really neat books and puzzles about animals.

In the last 6 months Will seems to have given up on toys. Other than his outside toys (car, swing, trike, etc.), he really does prefer books to toys. The toy basket generally stays untouched all week. Usually once on the weekend he'll dip into the toys but usually he spends most of his time "reading" books. Will does have 3 toys that he enjoys....

1. This Little People truck. Though it's mostly used as storage - he puts everything in it's trunk. The truck can also be used as a weapon - he frequently runs over Gus (intentionally). He sits on it in every direction possible and runs wild around the house with it. But he doesn't "ride" it yet, just pushes it.


2. He also loves this toy - with the purpose of taking out everyone in his path.


3.These stacking cups have been his favorite for a long time. We have at least 3 sets of these (and a bath set). He loves to carrying them and shaking them. He also loves to put things inside the cups (his little people) and tote them all over the house. We find the cups everywhere.


Oh, I guess he has 4 favorites. He's quite fond of this 70's Fisher Price horse. I found it at a consignment sale for $5. Will loves that it make some horse noises.

(He also likes to multi-task. He takes after his Momma....)

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