Friday, August 07, 2009

new things - a random list

I can't remember if I've made note of a few of Will's latest feats so I want to make sure to put them in writing before we forget.  These are a few things he's accomplished prior to his 16 month birthday!


  • Some time last week Will started getting his 4th molar in.  Surprisingly, it started in uneventfully.  I don't know as they continue to come in if he'll get crabby.  But all 4 are out to some degree.  One is mostly thru.


  • This week he finally started getting in a 3rd tooth on the bottom.  Slowly his bottom teeth are catching up with the top.  Again, this one was pretty uneventful.


  • He now makes several different barking noises now.  Chris reads him a book with dogs that all bark differently.  He's picked up on a couple from that.  He'll randomly offer a "woof" for us when he sees a dog.


  • The best of all .... he now calls Chris "Da" when he sees him.  He did it last week but he was upset and wanting outside with Chris so I wasn't sure if he knew what he was saying.  But all week he's been saying "Da" when he sees or hears Chris.  I'm starting to wonder if he'll ever learn my name.....


  • A few weeks ago he dropped his 2nd nap.  He takes one really long one now at 12:00. Honestly, I think he sleeps better now than he did when he took 2.  He has never been a fan of naps.  Oh, and he prefers to nap in the den with all the noise going on rather than in his bed.  Right now, we're going with it.  I'd rather him take  2 hour nap than to spend 45 minutes convincing him to lay in his crib.


  • Will's down to 1 bottle only now.  Just his evening bottle is left.  I don't want to make bed-time any more difficult than it has to be.  Though I think we could probably exchange that bottle for a sippy and he'd be fine.  Right now we're taking the lazy approach.

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