Monday, May 25, 2009

Long Weekend!

I'll see how quickly I can do this....


We decided to attempt our first overnight "trip" with Will.  We spent Saturday & Sunday at the lake with Mom, Dad & Grandpa.   Our car was LOADED down. It doesn't help that Gus takes up the whole back of the car.  I think we're going to need a roof rack for the next trip.


Gus was thrilled to be back at the lake.  He swam the whole weekend.  Most of the time jumping off the dock rather than walking in.  He even jumped off to go "chase" after the neighbors dog (who was on their dock)

2009-05-24 Mem Day (14)

Will enjoyed trying out the new swing.

2009-05-24 Mem Day (172)


Nothing could keep Will from napping.  Nothing like a nap in your pool

2009-05-24 Mem Day (183)

Lots of FIRSTS for Will this weekend.

Will's first time in a pool! (though it's a baby pool)  He loved it.  The water was really cold and it was mostly cloudy but he played for a really long time.

2009-05-24 Mem Day (42)


2009-05-24 Mem Day (76)

And his first dip in the lake.  He loved his float.  His little legs moved constantly.   And he loved being eye to eye with Gus. 

2009-05-24 Mem Day (110)


2009-05-24 Mem Day (137)


He enjoyed the boat ride.  His life vest fits much better this year.  And he was able to see out much better than he could last year.  I think he liked the wind.  He ended up falling asleep on the way back to the house.  Thankfully he slept/napped really well this weekend.

2009-05-24 Mem Day (190)


That was the short and sweet version.  We had a wonderful long weekend despite the weather.  Here's to a short week!

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