Friday, April 03, 2009

cake time



First off, Mr. W feels MUCH better.  Thank goodness.  He started perking up yesterday afternoon and today was back full force.  And his appetite has also returned with a vengeance.  And the weather is prefect for our family party at the park tomorrow.  Definitely answered prayers on both things!


I spent the night baking Will's first birthday cake!  10 years ago (that makes me feel old) I took several cake classes.  At the time I had decided I wanted to be a wedding planner/cake decorator.  (I think I really just wanted to plan a wedding - preferably mine).  If nothing else, after taking the class I would at least be able to make my kid's birthday cakes.  Well, I ended up taking all 3 classes.  Made a few too many wedding cakes for friends and lots of shower cakes and birthday cakes.  But now it's MY TURN!  You would think after all these years of thinking about it I would have some grand plans for W's cake.  I think the time got away from me (not to mention all the sickness) as it is Friday night and I am still undecided what to do.  At this point all I have is chocolate cake w/ chocolate icing (mine & Chris's favorite).  I'll finish decorating it in the morning.   More than likely it will be polka dots.  Though Chris says that's too girly.  Perhaps if I call it "circles" he won't notice.

Later this weekend I will have a TON of pictures to share of this special day with family.

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