Friday, July 18, 2008

The Nursery....

We've been asked about Will's room a few times and I kept thinking I would wait and post about it when it was finished. But with us (Chris) mainly working in the basement I realize that the room might not be completely finished for awhile. So I might as well talk about it a bit. I always assumed we'd do some frog/turtle room if we had a boy. Then when the time came I thought I'd go with the Brown/Blue combo (my favorite colors!) But since we already had 2 rooms like that I was afraid we'd get tired of it. So the hunt was on for the bedding. I didn't want a theme and refused to spend $200-300 for a bedding set. I mean, you can't use the quilt, you're not suppose to use the bumpers and the skirt is always super short. So I just wanted to find a cute bumper and work from there. Thanks to my favorite shopping place (eb ay) I found the bumper for less than $20 with shipping and it was Brand New. It's an old PB Kids pattern. I bought a skirt but then didn't like it so I sold it (for the same price I paid for it) and decided to make my own with a gather stitch and velcro. It looks pretty good, I think. Of course, at some point when Will starts crawling the skirt may be ripped off, but I'll deal with that later.

So the bumper is a bunch of different plaid patterns (reminds me of Chris's closet) with some Hawaiian shirts thrown in (Chris has those too). So, while I didn't want a theme room, I did love the idea of Hawaiian shirts. Then I found some neat surfer wall art and now we have a surfer room.
Given that Will has slept thru the night 3 times in a row now we're going to see how he does sleeping in his room this weekend....(finished or not)
Here's a few pictures...
1. The saying over his door
"Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes from Above"
2.  The little book bookshelf, I have a bunch of tiny board books up there.  And some special stuffed animals.
We tried reading a few books tonight.  W definitely loves the ones that are rhyming.  I don't have a ton of those, so I might have to go book shopping (oh, the pain)

3.  The crib

4. Some of the surfer pictures (it was hard to find ones that didn't have the tiki women on them)

There's lot more things in there or are going to be in there.  So I will do another post when it's more finished. 
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