Thursday, July 24, 2014

library time

These three have about out grown story time at the library.  Will says it’s for babies.  Wyatt is bored.  And Ella loves it but gets distracted by her brothers lack of interest. 

We have checked out a TON Of books this summer.  Will, thankfully, can pick out his own books now.  But it still takes me about 30-40 minutes to find books for Wyatt and Ella.  Though I think Wyatt has now read every single book there about trains, firetrucks and cars. And Ella has examined every book containing an image of a duck.

This week we went to see the “Animal Guy” who came by for a special visit.  We went last year too and Will was SO excited to see him again.  [Wyatt opted to stay with cousin Jake…]

Last year Will was too timid to raise his hand and answer questions.  Not this time!  His hand shot up every time a question was asked.  He was called on three times! 

This pic is fuzzy, but he was SO excited to be called on.
IMG_2357 IMG_2362

This Eurasian Eagle Owl was HUGE, and beautiful.  But can you believe that he only weighs 5lbs!

We also got to see 3 snakes, a croc and a fox.  Will declared this the “most awesome day ever”. 


And wrap up our library fun, we finally turned in our summer reading cards.  The kids excitedly picked out their prizes.  Will chose a shark book (that’s his shark face). Wyatt chose a volcano book (he’s obsessed with them, and fire).  And Ella chose a gardening book.  They were all pretty excited!


We’re going to miss the library when school starts back.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

the 4th, part 2

the rest of the july 4 weekend looked alot like this….
2014-07-03 04 (21)
the fireworks the night before wore our three out!

Even Riley was worn out.
2014-07-03 04 (33)
But it was a beautiful weekend.  And kinda cool for July. 
2014-07-03 04 (23)

2014-07-04 (2)

2014-07-03 04 (39) 2014-07-03 04 (40) 2014-07-03 04 (41)

Day 2 looked alot like the same….this time with all three falling asleep.  And let it be noted…Wyatt, who never naps.  EVER. Fell asleep two days in a row!

2014-07-03 04 (43)

A little fun was had, in between all that sleeping!

 2014-07-05 (29)

Another Wyatt rarity, he asked for several jet ski rides.  He’s slowly warming up to having fun.
2014-07-05 (41)

There was alot of “warming up” this weekend.  It was a bit chilly.  It almost felt like spring (or I guess fall).
2014-07-05 (57) 

And Ella caught her first fish, unassisted.  She was just as surprised as the rest of us.  I just happen to snap a pic as she realized what was on her hook.


Here’s hoping we have a few more warmer weekends ahead of us.
*can you tell I barely used my camera this weekend….

Friday, July 18, 2014

Wyatt’s faves at age 4


what’s your favorite color?
what’s your favorite book? If I Built a Car, Big Franks Fire Truck, Little Blue Truck
what’s your favorite movie? - The Pirate Fairy
what’s your favorite show? - Rescue Bots (Transformers)
what’s your favorite animal? - frog, turtles, crocodiles
what’s your favorite song? - Everything is Awesome (lego movie)
what do you love to drink? - water and orange juice
what’s your favorite food? raisin bread, cheese, grapes, cereal
what’s your nickname? - Wyatt.  Samuel sometimes. 
what does daddy do that makes you laugh? - funny faces
what does mommy do that makes you laugh? - stretch Wyatt is the one who gets me out of bed in the a.m.
favorite place to go?- to see Thomas (once a year) or the jumpy place (which is odd b/c he does not really like the jumpy place)
favorite vehicle? fire truck or ambulance
favorite holiday? christmas eve!
favorite thing to say: “oh my word”, “awesome radical”, “yummy delicious” “sir”

Thursday, July 17, 2014

bombs bursting in air, part 1

We attempted the symphony + fireworks this year.  We don’t get to go every year due to conflicts with the fireworks at the lake.  But this year it worked out.  Last time we went, it was Ella’s first July 4th.  And Wyatt stayed home. This year we ventured out with all three, and hoped for the best.

We started the night out with a rare-outing…taking all 3 out to eat dinner!  It went as expected….complaints and one not eating :)  But we did it!

We headed up to the family compound spot Chris’s parents had saved for us earlier in the day.  Set up our stuff and headed out to the park to explore, and burn off some energy.

2014-07-03 04 (29)

2014-07-03 04 (1)

2014-07-03 (2)

2014-07-03 (17)

We had alot of time to kill before the concert started.  Ella logged of cousin time with Meryl.  I think they were both thrilled!

 2014-07-03 04 (7)

One of the symphony songs was Frozen.  Ella hasn’t been one to hide her feelings about that movie.  She was thrilled once the sing-along ended.
2014-07-03 04 (11)

Finally, all that Frozen singing paid off and the fireworks started.  We were a bit nervous because earlier in the day all three kids shared that they did not like fireworks, and that they were too loud. We weren’t sure what to expect tonight.


Thankfully, all three enjoyed it!  And no one was scared or bothered by the loud noise.

2014-07-03 04 (12)


The fireworks ended.  We cleaned up our stuff and headed to the car.  I buckled Ella in and shut the door.  She was out by the time I turned around to check on her.  The boys stayed awake but not for long.  All three slept good and were ready to face another round of fireworks the next night.

2014-07-03 04 (16)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

birthday across the pond? sure!

A birthday playdate….on a double-decker bus? SURE!

Renee and I snagged groupons for a double decker bus ride.  We had hoped to do it on Wyatt’s birthday but they didn’t have any tours.  So a few days later we took our very special bus ride. 

Wyatt was SO excited to go “down-the-town” and find the “bubble becker bus”. 

2014-07-10 bus (8)

The kids were excited to board this very red, very big bus!

2014-07-10 bus (10)

Will just going along for the ride.  He likes to let everyone know his true feelings.  He rolled his eyes and more or less said this was for babies… know, until he realized his head was up in the trees.  Then, every five minutes, we heard “look Squirrel!”.

2014-07-10 bus (23)

Will discovered going across four bridges was pretty cool too.  Maybe not as cool as Jake thought it was. 

2014-07-10 bus (28)


Wyatt thought it was pretty cool too!

2014-07-10 bus (35)

Us parents tried to act like it was cool too.  Though we were all secretly wondering what we were thinking taking 5 kids, without any type of seat restraints, onto an open-air bus that went on the highway!  

Daddy surprised the kids by joining us on the adventure.
2014-07-10 bus (44)

I think it’s safe to say it was an excellent birthday adventure!
2014-07-10 bus (56)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

it really happened….Wyatt turned 4

2014-07-06 party (3)
We started the day with birthday pancakes. and one gift, Transformers’ Boulder. 

2014-07-07 am (4) 2014-07-07 am (6)

And then  later our party with Mimi and Poppy for dinner and cake.  2014-07-07 gifts (14) 2014-07-07 gifts (16)

Wyatt was SO excited about all of his gifts, saying “oh yeah!” as he opened up each one.

So excited about a loaf of homemade raisin bread that he kissed it.
2014-07-07 gifts (4)

2014-07-07 gifts (6)

2014-07-07 gifts (7)2014-07-07 gifts (18) 

 And fireman gear.  He can now put out any blaze!

2014-07-07 gifts (24) SONY DSC                       2014-07-07 gifts (40) 

The night was filled with Transformers,Thomas and Firemen. And that’s all he cared about.  All his birthday wishes came true!  Happy #4 Super Wy!