Wednesday, August 20, 2014

goodies from 1st grade open house {wordless wednesday}

2014-08-19 open house (1)

“I think we should not have homework.”

2014-08-19 open house (2)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

flashback funnies

I am currently cleaning out my email….it’s either that or purchase more space.  I came across an email with some quotes from Christmas time (2013).  But they are too funny  not to share.

Apparently we had just gotten out the play manger set for the holidays:

Wy:  Yay, the castle is back
Will: No, it's a manger.

Wy: MAN in the houzz!
Will: It's a manger!!!!

E: I want to be a shepherd
Will: Unless you take a sheep first you are not a shepherd

Wy: Jesus, are you hungry?!


Monday, August 18, 2014

another weekend in the books

Another fun lake weekend behind us.

Lots of our regular fun….jet ski rides, boat rides, swimming and jumping.

This just cracks me up. Will’s hair never does this, it’s hysterical!  

2014-08-09 (67)

Wyatt decided he’s quite the fan of a jet ski ride!  It only took all summer for him to warm up to the idea!
2014-08-09 (82)

We also had a special guest, cousin Jake (and family).  

2014-08-09 (100)

Along with them, they brought a new kind of fun…Paddle Boards.  It took a bit to get use to them but they were easy once you got started.  The kids thought they were great.
2014-08-09 (195)

2014-08-09 (212)

Fishing, of course.  Tons of fish were caught.  And ALL the kids caught their very own fish.  (I think the fish were starving this weekend.)  Wyatt kept asking to pet the fish, or to kiss them.  But would always chicken out at the kissing part, haha.

2014-08-09 (111)crop

These two sweet cousins have so much fun together.  I hope they have lifelong friendship.

2014-08-09 (131)

2014-08-09 (135)crop

And I just love this picture of Wyatt, his crossed little feet.  I feel like those ankles have been crossed since birth.  
2014-08-09 (137)

And, as usual, lots of jumping done this weekend.  

 2014-08-09 (286)crop  2014-08-09 (316) 2014-08-09 (317)

I can’t believe summer is winding down already!

more first days {Wyatt and Ella’s turn}

Last week was the first day of preschool for the Littles.  Ella was beyond eager to get back to school. 

2014-08-14 ella's first dayB

Wyatt was just kind of excited.  But he was super excited to have his teacher from last year again.   And some of his same friends in his class again.

2014-08-14 wyatts first dayB

Sweet cousins, all excited for their first day of school.

2014-08-14 first day cousins

Neither Ella or Wyatt had a problem with me leaving.  But were SO excited to say goodbye to me.  Such a change from last year! Praying they stay excited all year. 

2014-08-14 first day success

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

the shoe game

We bought school supplies weeks ago.  But somehow I missed the fact that Will had outgrown his school shoes.  Naturally, I didn’t realize this until the DAY before! So the night before school we spent 2 hours going to 5 stores to find the perfect pair of shoes.  This was a first for us since I normally stay ahead of the game and buy online.

Here we are pre-shopping, happy faces enjoying dinner!


Problem #1:  Mister still needs velcro.  (I fell behind on my shoe tying lessons this summer!) Problem #2: Velcro is few and far between.  Four stores later we were out of options in his size.  Will’s bestie’s mom said Jackson uses these no-tie laces.  Will agreed “since Jackson does”.  Back to store #1 and we tried every shoe on in his size, with laces, and he decided which one was the least offensive (oh, the joys of sensory issues). I suspect these are a size too big, but he said these were the only ones that felt good to him.  And at that point I did not care.  I’m still trying to digest how much I paid for these suckers.  But at that point I probably woulda paid alot more to just be done!

2014-08-06 (1)

They are pretty spiffy.  And according to Will “they made me run so fast no could catch me during tag!”.  Sounds like a winner to me!


Thursday, August 07, 2014

Fabulous First Grade!


And suddenly we have a first grader in the house!  We got off to a late start, but still managed to get to school as the bell was ringing.

Mister Wilson reported it was an “awesome day!”.
  He found his old friends on the playground and met new friends in his class (though he can’t remember their names).  And the best part, they went to the library the first day.  And the book fair is coming next week.  He is so excited! It looks like it will be a great year!

2014-08-07 Ws first day (1)

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

celebrating the 5th!

The day rapidly approached! Monday we spent the day baking Ella’s birthday cake and making icing.  She enjoyed every second of the work.  Her special request was a strawberry cake with pink and blue flowers on top. And they must have green stems, with leaves.  “I can show you how to make those if you don’t know” said the birthday girl. 
2014-08-05 pm bday (49)

Tuesday morning Ella woke up to find the kitchen had been transformed into a Sofia the First celebration.
2014-08-05 pm bday (26)


To start the day we had a #5 breakfast of cinnamon rolls. 
2014-08-05 pm bday (52)

To make the day even sweeter cousin Meryl joined us for the day.  Ella was SO excited to spend the day with her. (So was Will…) This might have been her favorite “gift”.

Part of our celebration included making cupcakes.  The kids could hardly wait to eat lunch and then get to the best part….decorating the cupcakes!

2014-08-05 pm bday (14)

I’ve never seen so many sprinkles used in my life!  Will later told me that it was the most fun thing ever because “you would never make, and let us eat, real cupcakes like that.” 


Once Chris came home, we started the last part of the party.  Pizza with Mimi and Poppy.  And cakes.  AND presents!

2014-08-05 pm bday (28)

Ella was showing off her new Snow White dress (she has a sudden love for Snow White!)

2014-08-05 pm bday (31)

birthdays can be hard on the siblings <ahem>  but nothing could spoil Ella’s most favorite day!


Costume change….cupcake.  Ella’s working on her Halloween costumes a bit early this year.

2014-08-05 pm bday (38)

Ella enjoyed every single second of her birthday.  SHE loves everything about it.  And we couldn’t be happier.

Well, Ella might be happier…she got new Sofia the First pjs!
2014-08-05 pm bday (59)

Our sweet girl enjoyed her special day and is already asking how much longer till her next birthday!

wordless wednesday {6, 5, 4}

2014-07-26 party (11) - Copy SONY DSC                        

2014-07-26 party (19)

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Ella, 5 on the 5th!

It’s hard to believe this sweet girl is 5 already! 


Monday, August 04, 2014



Ella Wei likes to make up her own words occasionally.  Not so much make up, but combine a few good ones together to make a better one.

g-errific = good/great + terrific

pre-rrific = pretty + terrific

g-licious = good + delicious

I have a feeling her love of Pinkalicious is encouraging this behavior.  Either way, it’s pretty creative, not to mention catchy. 

2014-07-08 (5)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

na na na na na na BATMAAAN

On and off Will has talked about a bat house.  Often noting the positives of having one.  One fact, the hundreds of mosquitoes bats can eat in an hour.  Will told Poppy he wanted to build a bat house, and a few weeks ago they did just that.  The little kids participated by painting it.  And now it is proudly hanging on our house, awaiting it’s first inhabitants.  I’m trying not to get the heebee-jeebees thinking about it.

*don’t look too close, I didn’t correct my spelling errors on the watermark copy ;)

2014-07 bat houseWM

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

another awesome day

Today was a “vacation” day.  School starts back soon and we needed to squeeze in some more fun. So we decided to head to Atlanta to visit Legoland. 

We started our day with a rare event, dining out, ala Steak n Shake. All three found something to eat AND were happy about it!  Another rare feat!

Then we were off to see how Legos were made, build racecars (and test them out), watched our first 4D movie.  Wyatt LOVED the movie! Ella didn’t like that we got wet.  We also rode a few rides (Wyatt was not a fan).  We played and explored and everyone said it was an awesome day!  And everyone left with a little lego man.  Not bad for a staycation type day.

*Yes, we are really wearing out the lego awesome-phrase. 

2014-07-28 legoWM

2014-07-28 lego (81)

everything was awesome!

We finally found a movie all 3 kids liked…..the Lego movie!  It also helps that all 3 are very into legos these days.  So when planning a party for Wyatt and Ella it was an easy choice.  One day, when they are older, I would love to have a lego building type party, but for now the movie was a good start.

lego inviteBLUEblog

We rented out a church’s indoor play space and ran, slid and climbed all morning.  These two had been counting down for weeks for their “lego birthday”.  It finally arrived! 2014-07-26 party (4) 

The kids helped make chocolate legos and lego men for the cupcakes.  And we had BOTH chocolate and white cupcakes because Ella mostly likes white, Wyatt ONLY likes chocolate.   One of the downsides to a shared party.

2014-07-26 party phone (4)

The kids were most excited about having a party with their friends.  They each had a few friends that were just their friends, not anyone else’s.  And that is a big deal these days. 

Of course, they loved opening gifts.  

2014-07-26 party phone (42)

2014-07-26 party (84)

And then it was back to running and playing again.
2014-07-26 party (26) 2014-07-26 party (104)

As usual, Wyatt blew out his candle early.  He just couldn’t wait another second.  Ella was a bit embarrassed with all of the singing, but I know she secretly loved it.
2014-07-26 party (71)

It was an awesome party, and we had such a fun time with our friends!

2014-07-26 party phone (2)